Day one of the internship

at Camosun College in Victoria, BC

Today cleared up lots my the missing pieces to the internship. I met the other interns (going to Cameroon, the Philippines, Saigon in Vietnam and China) and yes, we get our shots and medical insurance covered, and I’m leaving for Danang at the end of the month but still get to see Elton John in concert in Vancouver. Yippee!

The best part: my flight is very flexible which means that I end work in March but can go back to Canada in August if I want to. So don’t expect me back for awhile, and please go backpacking with me 🙂 Some of you have NO excuse 🙂 Now, I get to go everywhere! Yessssssssssssssssssssss! Je suis excitee…juste un peu 🙂 Toyko, here I come! Teddy Bear, I’m so visiting you!

Day two will have more work details but so far, I’m uber content.

  1. It’s unfortunate that you left your teddy bear behind in Tokyo. You must have had a lot of trouble sleeping!