Biere La Rue

Danang’s most delicious beer and a top contender for the world’s greatest. In fact, I’ll check right now…. I didn’t get good results but I don’t care cuz they were wrong about my other fave, Belgium Framboise, right Monsieur Belgian Waffle?

Unbelievably, beer is regionalized here so Saigonese prefer 333 and Saigon green label when the best beer around is right under their nose. Too bad for you!

It’s a light, smooth lager that tastes just about perfect. I don’t usually like beer and neither do most Asians I know but this one is it. I LOVE IT and will attempt to drink at least 5 bottles a week and I’m not going to get fat or become an alcholic ok? BTW, it’s like 50 cents or so.

It’s sooooooooooooooo great that I’ve composed a song:

Biere La Rue, I love you. It’s so true ooh ooh ooh!
Drink Biere La Rue, it’s good for you.
When no one’s around, it’s just me and you.
Biere La Rue, I love you and I know you love me too 🙂

BUT with me and my beer, three’s not a crowd so come join us in Danang!

Pure bliss!
Pure bliss!

  1. Hi Cathy,

    I’m glad things are so good for you. Enjoy (and drink beer) as much as you can 🙂 I’m sure all the cute guys (including the French doctor) are after you. French girls? no way 😉

    The blog is nice and the jokes aren’t that bad!!!

    Post more photos and take care,
    Ali (aka Ramin)

  2. Hey I’m still on my Asia trip and Internet time is limited. However, your blog was getting quite a bit of spam comments so I installed my anti-spam thing for your blog. Anyway, will write more when I return. I must admit I haven’t even read any of your posts yet!