Hoi An part I

Wow! So only a stone’s throw away from Danang is the lovely, picturesque town of Hoi An. It’s actually a UN-designated world heritage site which is full of old houses, temples, and beautiful crafty stores.

Unfortunately, the pics will be slow coming cuz I can’t upload them quickly here but they will come once the IT guys at the uni “fix” (hack and “soup up”) my laptop.

Anyway, I spent an afternoon there, after being ripped off on the bus (they made me pay $1.50 instead of $0.50 but oh well), and within minutes, was charmed to death. I got a pair of dressy but “monsoon proof” sandals, two silk bags and an orange necklace for under $20! The necklace was a splurge though cuz I don’t really need it at this time. See Melodie, I can for sure get you one or two sans probleme!

And the food is delicious: their specialty is called cao lau, a marinated noodle with crispy rice paper and thinly sliced pork. And their milkshakes do not contain condensed milk so they will fit nicely into my diet. 🙂

And there are a million foreigners here! In Danang, they are few and far between but in Hoi An, I saw a French contingent from Normandy and they said that we were like cousins!!! Yippee! Then I met an Aussie family with redheaded 5 yr. old twins! Then I saw another cute French guy but he was a bit too “old” looking for me (aka il etait poilu) so not to my taste.

I need to post the pics cuz my fuzzy descriptions probably do not represent the beauty of this wonderful place.

And then on the way home, I faced incredible danger. I missed the last bus and had to decide b/w an hour long motorbike ride in the DARK (me = afraid!) or a doubly $$$ taxi ride. I flipped my coin so many times but decided on the motorbike cuz I have spent way too much here (see phone call posting). It was dark and I was scared but then it turned out that many ppl take this ride and so I had nothing to be afraid of. IT was fabo and I’m glad that I didn’t choose the safest route cuz then I’d be broke. The dust got to me eyes a bit but my driver was tres, tres amicable and so I had fun, challenged my “wussiness”, and got to see the area in another light. Cool!

  1. Have you been to The Cham Museum yet? It is located at the intersection of Trung Nu Vuong and Bach Dang streets in Danang. This museum houses the most extensive collection of Cham art worldwide.
    Address : 02 Tiểu La, Đà Nẵng.
    Phone : (84-511) 821951– 822343
    Hours : from 7h00 to 17h00

  2. Melodie on

    Hey Cathy!
    Glad to hear you’re having a great time. If you see any necklaces that absolutely call my name, I’ll pay you back. But only if you have cash to spare at the time. It doesn’t sound like you do right now! Watch out for those nasty calls!
    Melodie 🙂