Saigon to Danang in one week

NOTE: this is taken from an email so my English is not up to CGA editorial standards. Can’t believe how informal and lazy I am in emails!

In one week, I’ve had so much idea-induced insomnia. I won’t be back to work in Canada again until I do my phD. It’s settled: next year I’ll be here and then go to masters etc afterwards.
To be brief b/c I’m usually not, Friday: arrival.

Saturday: eating and then wedding w/Helen (French friend). No one wore ao dai except ME! They were all dressed in Western cocktail dresses or jeans or whatever but it wasn’t all wedding appropriate for us Canadians. Men drank beer and I got orange pop. Ugh! There was karaoke even if you were drunk and the new couple did not have a table of honour but instead did not eat and mostly stayed outside to greet guests who did leave during the reception!!! No one would do that at home!

Sunday: worked and met Can Consul, (under ambassador) in Hcmc/Saigon and networked with education folks from Canada. Some Vietnamese have awesome English skills. Very cool to meet them and also to speak with the Quebecois contingent = tres fabuleux.

Monday: cd/dvd shopping with JP my Canadian boss and food again and again. Had lunch w/Helen and Minh (who, JP said, was a bit too much with his panting after me. I met him at the wedding and he “likes” me or has never met a VN/Can girl b4. Cute and very nice and has exceptional English.

Tuesday: massage by Viet Blind Assoc. and had idea to get Canadian doctors to donate time to remove their cataracts. Apparently, it’s only a 10 min. procedure.
Flew to Danang/ate awesome banh xeo, yellow savoury pancake and experienced Biere La Rue for the first time!!!! Soooooooooooooo good!

Wednesday: meeting at work w/director of international cooperation for the school, my new boss Dr. Ha. Big projects for me and planning to sell myself to Can universities to make teacher/student exchanges w/Danang uni (that’s my plan for next year)
Then had lunch w/the team. Me in contacts and makeup.
Afterwards, Jim my boss and i walked the city and took photos of the storm damage which I’m blogging sooo slowly it’s killing me. so sad 🙁
Thursday: today rite? internet, cell phone shopping and jim’s off to Hanoi. I’m on my own now. Apartment shopping is quite good 🙂 happy and it’s fun 🙂
Tonight beach by myself, dinner alone, books. Boy do I have stories for you! But I have to work too which I’m supposed to be doing right now. I guess I’m just so excited to have my blog back.

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