Village of Hope visit w/a fellow Canadian

Hello all and esp. to Ms. Dana Landry:)

So out of a fun-filled girls’ weekend in Hoi An came an opportunity to share some of East Meets West Foundation’s work projects with some travelers. Three buffet breakfasts later, a visit to the orphanage was arranged.

Dana’s from Nova Scotia and is in the midst of her grand voyage right now….probably sipping beers at La Louisiane.
Anyway, for me, any visit to the VOH is something new and exciting. I went once as a guest at Christmas Eve and then again for a visit from the California Naval Academy’s students and staff in early June. This time, it was just me and Dana and our lovely guide, Bich and the other friendly staff and of course, the kids. Everything was a highlight but especially their artwork and having lunch together. They have a couple dogs and heart throb posters on their walls, and the entire place is filled with calm and
a sense of tranquility/security that is encouraging. And the kids are so polite and much cleaner than I am today. It was a good visit.

VOH libraryHarry en vietnamienshoes all lined upme n the orange tree

Oooh how could I forget seeing the HP books in VNese…that was cool! And also I learned smthng new bout plants growing in the front yard. In the pic, I’m standing near an orange bush/tree and its leaves are like spicy citrus. The staff, my colleagues by extension, told me that they boil the leaves and pour over girls’ hair to make it smell good and also that they use the long thorns to open up clam shells. I thought that was very cool….so I took some home to try…Hopefully, I’ll have time one of these days and I’ll let you know the results of my experiment.

Please check out the photos cuz they are awwwwwwwwsome!

  1. Dana on

    Hey Cathy

    Great blog and great pictures. You have a very creative eye.
    Just wanted to thank you again for the tour of the orphanage. I was impressed.

    See you around the world