Knock, knock, Vancouver! I’m home!

= bliss!

It’s been a week full of catch up and hanging and talking and singing and watching music videos….b/t all that I….
1. got my Vina nails did, hair curled and hopped off to a family friend’s wedding! Prices here r more but I will just use my MC!
2. wake up at 5am to chittychat w/my popster. He’s great and so we’re planning master’s thesis options and scheming on how to change the world, 10 steps at a time! Luv it!
3. Catching up on TV…oh What Not to Wear, video flow (I LUV TIMEBERLAND!), the Olsen twins’ Meant to Be, Youtube (it’s so fast here and is the link to me n my euro bands), Korean dramas (I can never leave those behind!) and the BBC! Yeah!
4. visiting friends and planning trips! CGA is so great! Virginia rox! Can’t wait to meet up w/my book clubbers!
5. SNOWBOARDING ON BLACKCOMB…that’s rite, this year, glacier skiing ended yesterday and I WAS THERE! Surprisingly amazing snow for July 29th!
6. eating! DQ ice cream cake, Michelina’s veggie lasagna, Que Pasa blue organic chips n salsa, Healthy Planet fruit drinks, fresh berries, ribs, shake n bake! Yum, yum, yum in my tum!

3 newly blinged out sistersreasons to come homethat's rite: REAL food!grilled mussels & shrimp and garlicy zucchini!

Of course, there’s more ahead! I’m gonna try to rent a motorbike! OK scooter…whatever! It’ll be like home (as in Vietnam) I know my baby misses me! And the list is long of things to do….Tim Horton’s or Krispy Kremes and biking and blading and swimming and aerobics and tennis and hip hop and clubbing and drinking and the aquarium and church w/good old Father Michael and speeches and work and writing and eating and everything that Van means to me!

So c u in town eh? heheheehehehahhaahhahhahahthooohhhhooohoohoo!

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