I wasn’t meant to be a blogger


I only blog when I’m in the mood or after I have done something seriously cool, selon moi.

Nowadays, I feel that I’m just living a regular life so what’s there to tell? I know that others can amuse w/the mundane but me, I don’t.

However, I like the freedom of a blog and I like to write so I’m going to keep this up for now……
One day I know it’ll trail off….when is TBD.

Cool things of late:
-early mornings — I must be the slowest riser out there b/c I definitely enjoy lying down doing nothing for at least an hour while it’s silent and the sun’s coming up.

-good, homey meals — Eating is important and I wasn’t eating regularly for at least a month but now I’m committed to it again…the joys of cut up tropical fruit should never be taken for granted 🙂

-ppl!!! — I’m a terrible consumer and I must stop but I should also take many moments to appreciate how PEOPLE make life worth living. Things are overrated. Friends and family, children and their parents, yes, I kinda luv it 🙂

-books (so much cheaper in the USA) — I’m ready to read!

So before my eyes tire out from being on a computer all day, I just want to say that I’m back in the blogging act.

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