Motorbiking in the ‘Gon :(

Danang was a breeze compared to this wretched mess. I can’t go w/o swearing at every intersection and almost getting into accidents at least two times per trip….

The evils:
Roundabouts–no lanes and at least 5 entry ways…un vrai cauchemar!

Cars, buses, trucks–another disaster b/c they don’t know how to/like to brake and so, if in front of them or behind them or freakin’ near them, you will surely “nearly” die and have a heart flip while you drive 🙁

Horns–why is everything so loud here? Even if I scream, no one hears me! (And it’s a good thing most ppl don’t hear my cursing anyway….) Earplugs to the rescue!

Pollution–8 million ppl and one motorbike for every 2 ppl…in 2010, there may be a metro system in HCMC. Let’s hope so! To combat this, one needs sunglasses/goggles, a filtered facemask, good facewash for post-ride clean up (try a Lush product why don’t cha?), and a strong motivational system (inner mantra: I can do it; I can do it!). A comfy bed or couch and a stiff drink are also recommended at your destination b/c there will be days where you weep or have stinging eyes and need to numb your frazzled nerves.

Other drivers
–I want to know how ppl are taught to drive here. As for me, I have no official license (I’m meaning to, I promise!) and I bet that’s also the case for millions of others on the road. BUT I do proceed with caution and never tailgate or zigzag/weave through traffic like some ppl on the roads.

The only good thing I can think of is that you can actually drive for more than 10 minutes in Saigon cuz in DN, everything was so close so we could hardly go “cruising” in the city…but it’s not like any drive in the ‘Gon is a breeze so I don’t/won’t cruise here. The last time I tried to relax, a taxi almost hit me.

So all this stress makes me dislike driving very much but it allows you the freedom of going where you need to go when you need to go. But for unfamiliar roads and urgent times and hot dates, best to stick to the xe oms =motorbike taxis or car taxis.

Let’s hope I don’t die this way!

  1. Michelle Nguyen on

    Yo Cathy,

    I’m your vrai cauchemar! AH AHAHAHAA!

  2. Are you really still burning matches? What is wrong with you??? I still can’t forget the time you lit that entire matchbook indoors.