At the present moment, part III

I’m sitting in the dark in my studio with my new headlamp on and I’m listening to Chris Brown (thanks to the sissies for sending some music) and I’m trying to work on my work reports. Blackouts are frequent but short in Vietnam….but hey they can’t beat u down!!! Obviously to post this, the lights went back on! So now the fan’s blaring, dim lights mean I can turn off the headlamp (what a purchase!) and go back to work as per normal 😉

Luv ya!

Today’s appreciation list includes friends who call outta the blue (M-F), lamb and tomato salad (currently digesting) chez Au Parc, meeting NEW ppl (this city so ain’t like my previous one!), inspirational messages at church (no interfaith sparring, yes prayer and fasting), multiculturalism that is on display in Saigon, Canadian roots and peeps, and the Internet!!!! OOH and can’t forget the wonderful long-lasting battery of my new laptop which allows me to blog even in the dark of Vietnamese night!

  1. Michelle Nguyen on

    that’s right! CB! Wall to wall, I don’t hear nothing but ladies callin’!