Lingering quotes and images from the film

1. Why did the chicken cross the road? Literally, I kept seeing little chickies running across and wondered WHY? So cute!

2. white bricks way up north on the drive from Lang Son to Cao Bang….the people built small white walls that reminded me of white picket fences


3. “Look at those clouds! I’ve never seen such billowing pillows before!” Sometimes, from a plane, clouds look like waves and it just reminds of the perfect symmetry in the world and in creation.

4. “I NEED a fishing village!”

5. terraced rice fields and oodles of water buffalo


6. munchkins, especially the Screamo ones at the Black Water Village


7. “Ca va” from my favourite elderly villager in Quang Tri

8. villagers and their bicycles in the dirt roads, peddling away from the meetings

9. courageous, sensitive, awwwesome drivers

10. “Do you want me to follow the white horse? I’ll have to turn around, you know….” (And the filmmaker drops the phone and jumps out of the car.)

11. “God is so good.”

12. Red bull, cappuccinos, and trinkets (ah Paris Deli!)


13. rickety bamboo bridge and toxic water (s/o dove right in!)


14. “Asking for rice to come with the meal is like eating the tiramisu before the pizza.”

15. amazingly perfectly wonderful meal at Luna d’Autunno, Hanoi: such delicious food, great company, and a pause from the film

16. learning to be silent and enjoy the scenery


17. escapes (= cycling for 10 minutes in Hoi An, Indochine and French cinema, friends, church in DN, massage and facials, earring shopping, teapots, floating face-up in Phu Quoc…)


18. Walkie, the Golden Sea motorbike that kicked me in the leg and gave me bloody jeans and a love scar.

19. oi to the Cao Bang techie mart: headlamp, cheapo 8GB USB and card reader, $10 hair straightener, hand-held sewing machine, 8-in-1 screwdriver….endless wonders!

20. Judo-karate at the University of Danang Sports Center


21. “Where does the dog go?…”

22. Snail dancing and animal hand puppets

23. Playing frizo on the Hoi An beach…hey Joel!

24. Easter in Hanoi and earring shops

Always more to come….but I gotta go interview a billionaire..sorry!
PICs to come too…I just get so lazy!

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