Squid fishing

Phu Quoc Island

I’ve heard good things bout this place and have a friend who’s been 5+ times. So I vowed that once I moved down south, I’d make the trek. This was facilitated by the fact that my bro was in town and planned a trip there. And so I tagged along.

BEACH BEACH BEACH and beachside resorts
sun settingme n my cell pics

But we also had a day of activity which included motorbiking on red dirt roads (not good for my complexion or cleanliness) and squid fishing on a thunderous evening in downpour.

4 Irish blokes, a pair of VN-CAN siblings, and maybe a 5-fisherman crew with one oceanographer


None of the paying guests caught any squid but luckily these guys had a back-up stock which they used to cook up some yummy porridge/chao/congee and fry some lil squidlings for our eats.


My feet tingle as I write b/c of one pesky mosquito in my room…not happy 🙁

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