Upon returning to HCMC/Saigon

Home! Ha! Huh? (I have said I love alliteration…)

–My rice cooker is broken. I haven’t used it for a year (my roomie had a better one) and once I moved out, I tried to clean this one at least 3 times and there was this huge piece of “I dunno know what” in the box which can only result from disuse in a moldy DN house and then once it was deemed “clean enuf to use” the plug doesn’t work anyway…oh well!

TOUCHDOWN at the Sgn airport…couldn’t walk so boss wheeled me around 🙂

–Fashion TV is mesmerizing. I don’t know why but since the age of 16, I have liked to know who models are and man, some are really gorgeous and some are not but whatever, I’m constantly watching the First Faces Countdown etc….FYI Vogue (USA) is a great magazine.

–I love Take That, the Backstreet Boys, Enrique Inglesias (though I still don’t know how to spell his name), and the occasional Nick Lachey sob story. As a pal said recently, it’s always been a part of me but not in a stalker/annoying way. I’m going to use this “fascination” for a good cause: I’ll be organizing a “I love boy bands” fundraising event for work 😉

–Grocery shopping in Saigon is quite satisfying. I am able to find all sorts of things but sometimes the prices for foreign products is really waaaaaaaaay too cher. I mean $6 for a pack of tortillas? And $5 for Philly cream cheese? And $3.50 for very little sour cream? And $7 for phyllo pastry? On occasion, I succumb to these prix ridicules but usually, I stay far away from the “rip-off” items. Inflation has raised the prices through the ROOF! Wut? Wut?


–My room is full of rubble. Call it fall out or debris from having 5 visitors in a span of 1 week come and sleep and leave. Oh and that’s not to mention my own piles of junk! But having a studio kinda truly rox for the single person…big enuf to have space (everyone needs a hammock) but small enuf to not have to walk far to get anything from food to shower soap to laundry.

One lovely guest:

  1. Dude, it’s Iglesias. Inglesias sounds like English.