Dalat, Dalat!

Say it like “New York….New Yoooooooooooork!!!!”

I love alliteration but all I keep thinking of is “Delicious Dalat” and that’s not so appropriate though lots of different fruits and veggies are grown in Dalat like artichokes, avocados, strawberries, funky lettuce…yum yum!

Oh sorry, FYI, Dalat is a Vietnamese city located in the central highlands (mountains) and has a temperate and deliciously cool climate that is mild and pleasant to all in VN who are seeking a break from the heat 🙂

PICS TO COME…technical difficulties!

I have always wanted to go…and I’ve always heard great things but I never got around to it…man, I feel silly but at least I made it now almost three years after moving here!

It’s the honeymoon capital for Vietnamese peeps though since it is cool, I’d take a hot beachy vacay for that trip but Dalat is a place where you can go to be refreshed and active/sporty and chill and colonial.

I loved all the nods to the French (who’s a francophile here?) like the Eiffel Tower radio tower, Moulin Rouge restaurant, colonial architecture and Sofitel Hotel.

I played the part of the “expat wife” that I am most certainly not but twas fun pretending….I had the amazing opportunity to stay at a really nice resort in the rolling hills with a pillow menu (I chose water, buckwheat, and scented) and a personal butler!

I wanted to get active and rockclimb and jump into the waterfalls but alas, twas not the time….there’s so much to see like ethnic minority villages and elephants (far off but worth it I hear) and of course I want to paddle on the lake one of these days….

It’s a quick jot on a overnite bus or a flight from SGN, about 500km and only 150km or so from Nha Trang….so go and love it cuz it’s brilled!!!

Freshness, scarves, clean air, cable cars, hydrangeas….j’ai tout adore!!!!

Go friends go…and take me with you 🙂

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