Funny pic 2011

So the cake says Happy BirtHay FYI 🙂 I have iced cakes before for ppl’s bdays and I have never seen this before 🙂 No, it was not an ESL error. It was just kinda funny 🙂 And no, I did not eat that cake all by myself 🙂

Thanks, Setos!

oops, I forgot to make a wish :)

oops, I forgot to make a wish 🙂

Oh and that’s some soju mixed with chromium water…not tasty 🙁

I’m at school but I can’t resist a lil elaboration on this post….although, academically, I probably shouldn’t. (Time management is not my forte…please don’t tell that to my future employers 🙂 )

So it’s the first bday I’ve celebrated in Canada for awhile….for the past few years, my bday hasn’t been a big deal. I haven’t gone all out for whatever reason. It’s close to Tet, Vietnam’s new year (lunar) so ppl were always not around, I was not around etc. But back in the day (~2004), I used it as an opportunity to coerce my friends into going rockclimbing 🙂 (Don’t worry, those days are gone 🙁 )

Anyway, today I’m studying happily. What about you?

And I appreciate my days living on this earth more and more as I get older 🙂

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