4am ramblings: who let the dogs out?

When it rains, it pours…that is my life in a nutshell!

And when it pours, in terms of excitement or life activities, I don’t sleep well. For me, this is completely normal. There were many a night in Vietnam when I would just be up and about and call my friends at 3am my time or just wake the sun go up at 5 and realize that Danangians were headed to the beach to swim before work while I was still unable to sleep. It didn’t bother me, but I kinda wish I could sleep more rite now….jah no what I’m sayin’ ?? The thing is, I’m not jetlagged. Vancouver is just 3hrs time difference from Ottawa so there should be no drama there.

What do these entail???

In short…..
— I’m moving so that is quite exciting….I’ll be in Europe for a few months at least and I get to play catch up with old friends (like ppl in Paris from 10 years ago!) and also reconnect with the European contingent of my Vietnam pals too 🙂 So that is just wonderful news and blessings and love that will flow and burst my heart with joy.

— These days, I’m catching up with my school friends in Ottawa, and we have FREE TIME which is AMAZING since mostly, these were my library peeps for the last two years! Seriously, all my grad school friends either stayed up past 2am with me or helped me with some philosophical reasoning for our ethics class. It’s soooooo fun to finally GO OUT and I do have a tendency to just bust out the party tunes and laugh all the day long and night long so maybe my rip roaring style affects my sleeping patterns–jah think?

RANDOM PICS from Japan

I can’t figure out how to make my pics nicer….any ideas computer ppl? Merci!

— Went to church this morning at the MET (GO here if you’re in Ottawa). Had the most entertaining conversation with two long-lost pals: one Korean sweetheart and a francophile buddy, now how could this go wrong? We almost got caught in the rain….it was pouring monsoon style! But we recognize the cheer and blessings poured down on our lives and we are so thankful. I am so well taken care of! My friend loves the rain: it’s God’s cleansing of the Earth that refreshes and enables growth–that’s what he said 🙂

— I’ve been reaching out to buddies in other places…my friend Zuhey said that I’ve got “hos” in many area codes! BUT she only meant this in a platonic way…I have friends who live in several regions of the world, that’s all. So for a happy insomniac, this means I can call or connect at all hours of the day or night…well, almost! AT this late hour, I’m not up for a long chat although I just got a call from Israel (Moshit!). Thankfully, with the rejuvenation of this blog, I can do something semi-productive, even in the dark!

— It’s also a good idea–well, for me at least!–to REST. So sometimes I just lie on the couch and ponder or recuperate. It’s not sleep but it’s time for the brain activity to chillax instead of spinning around.

I’VE BEEN PRETTY AIMLESS: well, just catching up for the past lil while. Next time, I can talk about goals. For now, maybe bed would be nice again….ps it’s light outside now but no one is running to da beach just yet in Ottawa-Gatineau….

So I’ll just leave you with this: it’s just classic!

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