In praise of friends! #1 Nguyet

Here she is: my darling Vietnamese friend in Ottawa!

my darling pal/big sis/angel <3

So we met last summer at CIDA during my co-op term. In Ottawa, Asians are sparse and so when you see one, well, you definitely take a DOUBLE TAKE…I like to call it the “sympathy stare”’s like “Awww hey Asian person, I feel your pain. I want to be your friend too but it’s kinda weird to just talk to you b/c we’re such a minority rite?” Yes it may seem a bit stalker like but if you know me, that is how I roll….(that’s another story!) BACK to my friend:

Nguyet is so awesome. We biked to Alymer and in Gatineau park last summer. We went to the little francophone church in the neighbourhood together. We drank Vina cafe sua da (iced coffee) on her balcony, and we ate lots of VN food together. She’s the one who intro’d me to all the yummy VNese restaurants in town!


And this summer, she let me crash on her awesome leather couch during my frantic pre-Geneva time in Ottawa, well, in Gatineau to be precise! She is sooooo amazing and you know what else, instead of beating my a** for my mess of a life which took over her condo, she gave me the best going-away presents! She is tooooo tooooooo kind!!!!! She gave me socks for my dress shoes that I have to wear while working, body butter to stay moisturized, a portable scale to weight my oversized luggage, AND CHECK THIS OUT: MONEY!!!! That is just insane! It’s quite Vietnamese to give cash gifts but duuuudddee I owe her immensely and she gives me gifts??!!! This is just too kind and crazy but that’s how she rolls!

So thank you Nguyet! Also she’s francophone et adorable!!! Good style, awesome hair, chic and elegant! That’s she and she’s my chi ( in VNese = big sis) 🙂 Yah for me!!!

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