Sweden–>Japan–>Switzerland :) continued…

I recognize now that if I retell the summer tales in order, it mite take me forever to get to the present and the near future. So let’s take a pause from Japan and wonderfully convenient Hamamatsu and jump ahead to GENEVA.

Yup, so I’m moving there at the end of the month!
WHAT: working for Canada with UN on migration (vague b/c I haven’t started yet!)
I start in like 20 days…best to get on that visa, girl!

I’ve been there twice already so I have a slight idea of what I’m getting myself into. 2002 avec maman et Charmaine…”randomly” Charms moved to Ottawa this year but alas, I’m ditching her. Then I had a super sweet stopover in 2009 during my unemployed-Cathy-hits-Europe-adventure. My UBC pal Helena lives there and this time we have a bit longer than two weekdays :))))

Firstly, you need: MONEY! Buckets full are recommended.

But the Lindt chocolate is really cheap! I’m kinda brokeass (hello, Sweden & Japan!) but tis fine 🙂 I believe in miracles.

Actually, truth be told, I didn’t think I was heading to Geneva to live this year…my mind was full of Asia and I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to VN this year. BUT this is the journey of life and I’m there and now I’m finally ready to embrace this European adventure :))))

Would you like to join me?

Wooooahhhhhh it’s gonna be great….no homework, fun city en francais….how can this girl stop bopping to party music now?

ciao ciao xin chao!

  1. Took the whole afternoon to finish reading your blurbs!