Two weeks ago…it was my good-bye Otown party!

Seriously, that seems like AGES ago. Cannot believe I’m not there. Doesn’t seem real. I now operate in quicktime…blurrrr zooommm zoooommmm too much happens and I keep going with da flow.

BOOM and then it was Sept. 6, 2012. I guess school is starting up in N.America…I am in Geneva and it’s a four-day weekend starting now 🙂

I’ve been up for 2 hours online. If I didn’t have my stalker outlets, what would I do? I sleep but not regularly. I have a few friends in town but not hundreds yet and I keep meeting new ppl. BUT it’s not enough: I want your news so dear friends, the few who read this, drop me a freakin’ line! LOL 🙂

So bref, qu’est ce que je fais en ce moment? Too much.

Let’s do a daily recap:

1. 645 alarm ring. i snooze. IN MIND: wait must get up…what are you wearing today girl? am i walking home, making dinner, going to work out? pack ur bag? crap! meetings all day…must wear heels and what walking shoes?

2. 730 bathroom. makeup. outfit. etc….wait, put on some LLUSH solid perfume, my first fave: SCENT OF FREEDOM, based on scents that 3 freedom fighters look to to boost their the story and the scent equally!

3. 8am apple for the sprint to work. yesterday i had a pain au chocolat cuz I was hungry but it was my first during these two weeks so I’m good and not getting fat–score!

4. WALK TO WORK ahhh the city is waking. yes one street lady is out “at work” already. 🙁 hi drug dealers…they don’t look me in the eye. always must avoid the water trucks or cleaning ones. don’t wanna get wet.

5. 830ish: sweaty a little but hey there’s the UN. cool the fountains are on. i so desperately want to jump in them but not in this outfit. I wish I had a friend who would jump in them with me..VISITORS PLEASE!!!!

6. AT office. Turn on comp. Change shoes and fix hair. Is my nose already shiny? Sheesh!

7. 9-10. check calendar…this week back to back meetings…some by myself!!! What/?? Didin’t I just start, like last week? Oh well, I can do this. YOu care about refugees. YOu can do this!

8. 10-6pm! Meetings. Water, mints, highlighters, and notes lots of notes. And the ppl from every nation! Cool, and yes I spoke a lil Portuguese and Japanese but no VNese yet! And Korean!

9. 1pm LUNCH interlude…I found carpaccio at the grocery store!!!!!!!!!!! How does raw sliced beef and rocket with cheese exist here for just $4? Oh yeah, I”m in Europe now!!! OK I’ll take it! CAVIAR too! Twas an AWESOME lunch!

10. Sheesh, feet hurt! Bandaids in bag. Need stockings for heels. They r so cute though. NO pain no gain sorta….

OK so that’s a wrap. Top ten or really, ten banalities from my life in Geneva…

OH but the walk home clears all this. It is SIMPLY the BEST!

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