2014: better late than never? FB killed this blog I think :P

Coucou! ( = a common French greeting) In fact, since it has been like ages, I hesitate to even say hello cuz really, who reads this nowadays anyway?!

It has been so long, like a year and a half! Buuuut I find myself with a bit more time and a few twinges of blog wistfulness so I will restart.

Over the past year or so, I have thought about writing but to be honest, all social media has been replaced by quick FB updates by me this year. Before this month, I think I did not write any emails to friends since February–totally crap for a person who lives away from a lot of friends and family…..but my mom joined FB and I got uber lazy and well, lazy makes for a dormant blog….but now is the RESTART.

So I figure, this “petite annonce” will get no notice but perhaps after I update on my Swiss postings for awhile, I may regain my two most loyal readers…my sis & my blogmaster? Mayyyyyybe!

XoXo says gossip girl and so shall I :)

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