Lazy days rule :)

I had completed this giddy post on Thursday while in Hanoi but lo and behold, it disappeared into Internet-wasteland…. Oh here I am on Saturday. It’s 4:50pm and well it’s been a great day THANKFUL for recent activities: –trip to Read more ›


Good news bears

That’s what we all should be: a bundle of joy Pourquoi? Parce que la vie est belle, n’est-ce pas? I think life is more than beautiful: it’s a gift to be cherished at all times. It’s April 2010 now….things go Read more ›

New discoveries: HCMC

Well, in the past couple of months, I’ve been blessed with time to relax and do things that I ordinary don’t do when I’m taking care of editing deadlines. Numero 1: COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!!!!! If you know me, you’d Read more ›