Newspaper help pls!

Hi guys,

I have to make a seductive pitch to a newspaper editor about Danang and I’m wondering what is intriguing to my blog frogs. Personally, I’m really interested in how the Danangians have rebuilt this city so quickly construction wise and I’d also like to delve a little deeper into the average wages in Danang. But are these snoozer topics to you?

What would you like to hear about? Food? Nearby excursions? Shopping? Let me know if you can 🙂

  1. Erm, the wages sounds a bit boring? The construction sounds good. Tourist attractions and food would be nice. Perhaps a blurb on the locals you’ve met too.

  2. Terry Tran on

    Ca(Thy): Get everybody you know to help you do a photo essay about “A Day in the life of Da Nang”. Capture ordinary faces, things, events in extraordinary ways. Make sure you encrypt your name in every picture to protect your intellectual capital. Good luck and warmest wishes from “What’s his name who used to work in Exams”. LOL.