Running in the WINTERtime

Heyyy! So I’ve been twice in 3 days and well, it’s just swell. I run along the beach and the first time, I had my friend Abe with me. He’s tall but was humouring me by running slowly. We went at night and the waves were crashing. The non-running crowd (everyone else in DN) was staring or cuddling with their loved ones. Meanwhile, I was yelling at Abe b/c he wanted to take it “slow”. Such good times : ) Then he starting jumping and trying to touch these lamp posts. I tried once and ending up falling on my shoulder. It was pretty funny, esp. cuz the VNese thought we were two crazy kids causing a ruckus.

Now, if I had a real “lover” (nguoi yeu) as the VNese like to call their significant other, that would be a good nite spot.

The other time I went, I was by myself and that way, I could run in peace. I stretched on this wall that led down to the beach and watched a group of teens play beach soccer with two large sticks as their goalposts. There were a lot of boats in the water and ppl were cleaning fish and reeling them in as I ran by. When I was thirsty, I stopped by this cafe for coffee, red watermelon seeds (addictive) and a cool wet cloth. All this and the free delicious tea came to less than $1!

So I can’t wait til Marathon Marisa comes to town so we can run, drink, and play near the beaches of Danang. Did I mention that it’s always warm, even in the winter?