Home life

Sometimes I forget that what is now normal for me IS NOT normal for most of the ppl that I know and love.
Anyway, here’s a glimpse of what I do and like in Danang.

Now for those who have asked, you can see my spiderman helmet.

That bike has been a lifesaver for me! $130 to a quick awesome get-away and burst of health. With a real bike, you can go places…I have to take a series of shots of normal DN life later…but as for now, off to SG again….coming back w/Junella! Yeah!!!!

mango my lifesaver and way to lose fat!straight home from workmy shared house...with just one other person!

I love Cathy, my motorbike! She’s way better than Vespas ok? Don’t even try to start that argument…I’m sorry but here, the Japanese rule! Go Honda, go Cathy!

Yeah, after a million months of moving (6-7 times in 3 months or so), I finally moved in with Sharon, my lovely Korean roommate (I always call myself her ugly, N.American neighbour) into her tower of peace and solitude. We’re near beach but not near too many shops or other ppl so it’s a teeny bit isolated which isn’t a problem unless it’s 1am and the lights outside don’t work…then it’s just you against the rat-cats and darkness….I don’t really like that so much 🙂 Anyway, this is the first pic I ever took of our house and you know what, it photographs well. Can’t say I’m suffering any…..