Oh Hong Kong!

I can’t stop looking at the HK photos…they’re fantabulous as the photographer would say: MK’s new camera is a dream.

HK briefly (not Cathy style)

Day 1: meet MK at hotel and change into dresses and shop! Me n Mimi went to a pink party the night before in SG and had to wake at 330 to make the flight….I couldn’t sleep early cuz I met boys there! So I only intended to spend $200 dollars on this weekend cuz I just went to Bangkok but that was a dumb decision…and the money was gone in a blink of an eye. I don’t even want to think about how much I spent but listen to the glorious stories of this place.

Shopping in HK is too great. Now I know why all my Vancouverite buddies all head here. Man it’s cheap and awwwwwwwwwwwwesome and I love it so much. I have the best clothes now and really, you can find fabo things everywhere: in the subway station, beside the dim sum shop, and then of course, there’s the street stalls and malls. HOLD ME BACK ANNIE but she wasn’t there and I was with girls who’ve read Confessions of a Shopoholic. Within 5 minutes in a one-stop cosmetics shop, I was down $50. Then we ate and it was like homecoming…all the food that MK ordered for me in Richmond exist in HK and THEN SOME! Yummy!

girlfriendsgotta luv the busy vibe!

Then we hit the streets and my money disappeared….in return I got a new grandma-like bag, a slutty top that I can’t wear in Danang (what I mean is halter :)), 3-4 dresses, lotsa polka dots, a cute top and skirt, and tons of joy. Worth it? I think so 🙂 Oh but I did also buy some pressies for my sisters and mom.

WOW, that day rocked but it was far from over cuz what was next? Reunion with Teddy my friend from HSkool n uni!

Ted is so cute and so I must say that online……HK girls are lucky 🙂 heheheheheeh!

the Tedster!

And he’s a great person too! Let’s not forget that.
We ate; then we drank and drank and drank and drank and walked and talked and sat and drank and walked and finally drank and then ate and then walked and then went on bus and hit the sack. Ta da! That was it 🙂

Ted and 3 cute girls….not so bad Mister 🙂
The bars and clubs in HK are much cooler and more expensive than what I’m used to…it’s like Paris part II but in ASIA! And there’s so many places to choose from. Here was our list if my brain isn’t too foggy from the booze and distance:

Dinner: seriously don’t remember where but it was tasty and great for ppl watching. To get there, you take “the longest outdoor escalator” in the world!

Russian Ice Bar n vodka shots…..delic! And that was my only experience of ice in Asia…I crave snowboarding so must hit Korea and Japan soon! WEll, I guess in the wintertime is better!
The Armani Club: chic bar named after Giorgio but located in a mall….
Nameless club: dark and had some thugga musik but no hotties for me (Thai guys r more my style!)
Walking uphill in red heels is not good for anyone…..
Funky bars and musik all around….some ok looking boys but nothing to stop breathing for….
After the drinks, we had to eat….

Hip n happening TBC

  1. Anh on

    Thanks for the mention but you did me no justice. Hopefully your gifts make it home with Michael and don’t end up on the side of a street. I can tell you that I’m not the ungrateful one! 🙂

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