Korean-ifying my life

Did I mention I’m supposed to be on a budget? But no studio would be complete sans delicious Korean products and chili sauces!

In Danang, I had the best Korean roommate (Hye Jung/Sharon)for over a year and now that I’ve just left (weep 🙁 ) I’m realized how influential she was….I’m a heck of a lot cleaner now! And she cooked some pretty darn good food. We had a switcheroo/trade of cultures and cuisine going on in our household. I traded chicken wings, risotto, tacos, salads, and baked goods for homemade kimchi, seaweed soup, cute lil K-packets of fried rice mixtures, awesomely amazing candies, and a new and exciting experience.

Koreans are the Asians of my Vietnam experience so far (believe it or not). Through my roomie, I met my best bud Boram-shi who’s my K-grocery shop guide/chick flick pal/sport-o-holic (he has a ski fan club!)/eating partner/K-language teacher (today I learned sexy-hada) etc..I’ve also attended an all K-lang fitness class in a K-taekwando gym equipped with very sexy-hada K-instructor, Hyun Sung (BUFFED and easily the best bod in DN!), and watched K-movies and oohed and ahhed over more actors than ever in my life!

The K-drama = one of the best earthly pleasures!!!
Q: Why are Korean actors so hot?
A: I don’t care but I like it 🙂 Ppl close to me say that it’s all fake and I kinda know it but also luv it. Now the guys’ names are hard to pronounce but I’ll post some pics to convince u 😉 = pure hotness!

I won’t gush on the blog but man, if you don’t want K-tv (I love Ariang and KBS channels), you are missing out. I know, “American Idol” is pretty sweet but “My Lovely Kim Sam Soon” (on youtube hint, hint) kicks all other dramas’ butts except,just maybe, “The OC”…? YOU DECIDE!

Opa Boram (big bro) and I stocked up on the K-food for my kitchen today. We got the fundamental K-chili paste (made w/plum juice says KBS tv), cutesy K-drinks, rice rolls that Boram has an awesome recipe for, udon (K-style), and well it all came to one heavy bag worth $35. But I still need my Soju (yummy K-liquor of choice), big bag of bestest candy ever; my K-lang book and dicto, and filtered mask to shield me from the motorbike traffic and you know who’s going to Seoul to hook me up? You got it: BORAM!

YES, me = one hooked up gal
–counting the blessings, one Korean at a time 🙂

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