Top five: EST time zone

Sometimes I count things and when I write them down, it’s easier to remember. So here’s to starting the top things I like etc.

1. I am in the same time zone as one of my bestest friends and can call her for free with my phone plan b/c she’s in province too!!!

coffee with Mr. Seto

= Seeing Canadian ppl in CANADA!

2. Being 3hrs ahead of my family and hometown, when I’m up late, I can still call them 🙂

3. I am 11-12 hrs behind Vietnam so I can talk to my friends there at a reasonable time and I do enjoy saying “it’s like we’re on opposite sides of the world” over and over again 😉

4. One of my pals from VN (Hong oi!) is studying in the States now and when she calls, it’s like we’re together again…on the same time but just in different cities. (Hey, I’ll take being on the same continent over being one ocean away from ppl any day!)

5. Jetlag is not so bad.
When I fly west, I feel like it takes no time to adjust and it’s only max 6hrs away as opposed to the 17-25hr marathons of the past. But I love flying (seriously, with a book, the time whizzes by!) so the more the better. Just give me a fun stopover destination and I’m set.

BONUS: I haven’t explored outside of my region and Toronto much (I know, school first right?), but hey, there are cities here that I want to visit. I can’t wait to go back to Quebec (anywhere in the province) and Niagara Falls.

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