It’s FRIDAY, FRIDAY, wooohooo it’s Friday!

I must be a wimp b/c I just had a tres short week too…but on Friday’s we have a mission-wide lunch which is more like a gorge fest of fun and friends and vino….boy oh boy!!!

I was just gonna leave at a good hour when I saw the box: the BOURSIN cheese box! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! It’s like garlic cheese whipped to perfection! I haven’t had any in so long..I believe since VN which is crazy but alas I believe that is true: wow!

So I stayed a bit more and had some boursin avec du pain. This of course, was AFTER my gorging on coucous, lamb, green beens, hummus, tomatoes in a variety of forms (all in the name of health, rite?) AND copious amounts of champagne and red wine!!! (S/o in the office just had a baby!) so we gotta celebrate that rite? RITE! So then fruit and cheese and then BOURSIN…you know you wanna eat some too! All in the name of getting to know your colleagues also rite? RITE!

collegue n coffee

OK so now this stuffed chica can’t move and is thankful that her clothes are stretchy. WHEWF!

DA WEEKEND: FRIBOURG part 2! I am really hoping it’s a moto weekend so my aim is to rent one and party it up with Fred! Yeah!!!! The goal is not to get arrested…I have checked the laws and am legally allowed to rent as the theory goes so let’s see what I can wheel out of the store…..RAIN YOU BETTER STAY AWAY! OR ELSE!

DID I mention that I just love my Mastercard? It’s just such a nice thing to have and I am glad that it travels with me to many places….I LOVE U!

UNHCR education exhibit

I love my work too btw!

Soooo now we’re off to the races or mountains rather and on a bike! IF this doesn’t happen this weekend, I must have to jump off a cliff or into the lake–boo!

OK with a jolt of coffee, my energy is coming back which means more efficient activites headed my way.

SOOOOO what r u up to? IF you read this, surely you should leave a comment or 500…rite? RITE!
OK so ciao-ness mes amis! xoxoxoxoox cn

leavin' on the big ship? maybe!

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