My alphabet month: A is for ARANCINI aka risotta rice balls

I find myself in the err-interesting situation of being time-rich and money-poor…but what to do with all this time? Clearly I cannot snooze it all away so my pals J and K came up with an idea and semi-forced it on me: cooking to the ALPHABET.

So we came up with some loose rules: 10 swiss francs per dish, main courses mainly or at least savoury, semi-complicated concoctions. Alpha-order is not necessary but so far, it helps me plan.

Any ideas? I’d love to hear them.

So I had always wanted to eat/make arancini (which are deep-fried rice balls meant for using leftovers) since I’ve seen them made on the Food Network a few times but since I’m not that skilled at making risotto anyway, when would this happen? Ahem, NOW seems a good a time as ever 😉

So I was inspired by this recipe and this marinara sauce is truly excellent and a must-make even though the rice balls are great on their own.

A few side notes: I made the risotto from scratch since I forgot to make rice the night before AND I had to make my own breadcrumbs from a dried out baguette by hand (no food processor) so that took a lot more time that is necessary if you have the ingredients ready-made and on-hand to use 🙂


Look 🙂

According to the taste-testers, these arancini were a major hit and started the project off with a serious BANG!
SCORE! WIN! FUN! Just the kind of motivation I needed for the next 25 entries….

  1. I used to make fried rice balls all the time with Japanese seasoning. I ran out of pickled plums but for a while I was eating those in rice balls. I have natto?!