Migration post #1 THE PASSION

I’m kinda embarassed that this is like my FIRST post EVER on migration b/c well, I LOVE MIGRANTS LIKE SO MUCH!!!! It’s just a part of my history (daughter of refugees here) and I’ve always been drawn towards helping immigrants in Canada (integration rules!) and well, I’ve actually lived and worked in 4 countries with 3 different climates on 3 different continents! And Ottawa and Vancouver may both be in one country but they are NOTHING like each other and seriously farther from each other than Paris and GVA, my 2 European landing docks. Wow just by writing that down, I can see how lucky/blessed my life journey has been. I can’t not be grateful for these awesome opportunities. But alas I digress AND I DO NOT WANT TO….

So MIGRATION: it’s a long-time love for me. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 And so my blog should represent…AND IT WILL and that will also be reflected in the name change to this blog that will come….


But anyway, migration is a part of life. I dare you to find ANYONE who has not met someone who was born in another country from them….there are a million reasons why international migration needs attention in all governments’ policy decisions and laws but I think I’ll get to that in due time.

OK so if you don’t care about migration today, I hope you will in due time. I will only try to show you that it is awesomeness BUT I will respect your opinion (maybe 😛 ) to not agree with me…lolololololol man I am so funny!!!!

So this random post is to introduce migration to my blog and man, it will be EVERYWHERE before you know it! So if you do not like migration, get lost! J/K! I mean, so if you do not like migration, you may not like me 😛 ANNNNDDD maybe I just don’t care! lol (again I crack myself up!)

CIAO ppl!!!! xxoooxoxoxxoxooxoxxoo

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