Pets for a traveling lady….

I am a CAT-hy as well as a Ca-THY…(read the About Me for the lame yet informative pun :))

So I have a totes penchant for kitties and spend a fair of time going to kitty cafes…..a new one just opened in my current hood and I shall def be writing bout that later.

However, with a traveling life, I have not seen how I could keep a kitty (or plants) alive chez moi without help. It has been a dream but I didn’t see the reality and still kinda don’t.


And also, I think I would like to ponder what animals one can keep when one is MIA for a few weeks or months throughout the year…people can obvs help me and I have spare keys given the my peeps but still….


1. HORSEY–When I became quite wealthy, I want a horse or a stable full…In the meantime, I try to go to the farm at least once a year.

2. VIETNAMESE POT-BELLIED PIG–I think I heard of these guys as pets through Luke Perry (RIP) wayyyy back in the 90210 days…I just thought it would be the coolest baby pet to have…after I saw a couple in person and actually when my DREAM SIGHTING of seeing them running around free in Vietnamese villages CAME TRU…I was like OH YEAH, that’s my people!

3. FROGGIES–I’ve just always liked them…cool to touch and GREEN. So so so Cathy san style :p
I do not eat them–CANNOT!

4. LIZARD-GECKO–since I left VN, I have just been fascinated by these lil critters…I am still traumatized by seeking one being devoured by a group of nasty ants in Danang….but alas I shall recover. THEN my friends Rach and Just have their sweetie Alan (chubby lizard) and I just loved the story of how they found him and drove him around Europe across borders in their car and well, I just want that experience too 🙂

So NOWADAYS I want a lizard. I think I can keep them alive and feed them dead bugs…Allan eats live crickets and that will not work for my sensitive ears or my kinda queasy stomach.

5. SNAKE–since I was 5, I’ve liked them bc I put one on my neck in kindergarten and I liked the cool cold-blooded skin n scales. And hello, they’re so purdy! DO NOT MAKE THEM INTO A HANDBAG!!! This nasty practice has to stop….
Then I just met someone recently who has a girly snake and I’m like heyyyyy……. (She also crossed borders from Texas to Canada.)

OK now here’s the CRAZY DREAM ANIMAL LOVE LIST–obvs I’m just going to visit a cool aquarium & GO TO THE BEACH!
DOLPHINS So yes I am an Aquarius and mega water-baby and animal lover 😛
JELLYFISH TOO (but kinda more as a sustainable food source!) Unfun to feel them in the water and yes, it stings and no, no one peed on me.

OK so that’s just the 5-minute version of my animal dreams.
Do you have any?
MOOOO MOOOO Oh yes, in another life, I’d be a Swiss cow—–inddeeeeeedddd!

Ciao for now!