NOW at this moment

New page!!! UNDER CONSTRUCTION 🙂 I saw some other blogs with cool features and was inspired to start this one which will have little sound bits from what I’m thinking right now. Thanks to RealNetta’s Pulse page which is really cool.

OBVIOUSLY TODAY WE HAVE TWITTER. But Twitter for me is like for reading news and thinking and writing kinda serious thoughts. I am not going to be super random on that venue but on my blog, I can. So I’ll just try to update this more for my sake too so I remember what I’m doing.

REBOOT 2015: Listening to African/ Chinese music. I once won a Chinese African cd from my old work place and it was amazing. That was 2011 and now I’m going in for another listen. Charming fun music.

I am impressed: ppl from Poland, Moldova (I dunno where this is), Taiwan, Iran, and Malaysia have checked out the blog. Actually, I’m really gratified. Thank you 🙂

“From this moment, life has begun….you are the one, right beside you is where I belong…” Shania comes to mind when I read this page title. Unintentional but yup, it’s the way it is. June 6/08

Detroit wins the Cup again. I dunno if I’ll ever watch a live game again but it would sure be nice to see one in a hockey town. June 5/08

Idol is over and I feel the withdrawal. June 4/08

Hoi An is definitely a spot to keep returning to. I didn’t get shoes made though I really need a pair of plain black wedges. I did get a chance to ride bikes and watch Indiana Jones. May 25/08

I am finding volunteering opps–jewelry making peut-etre!!!! May 17/08

The only constant seems to be Idol and fatigue. I don’t think I am adjusting that well to all the changes. Yet, I’m leaving again, this time for Danang. (May 16/08)

Ummm, how can one be constantly bored in such a stimulating environment? I need friends to do stuff with!!! (May 12/08)

Oooh and s/o from Israel landed on this blog! How cool is that? Now tis time to CONCENTRATE! (May 9/08)

Real life is not conducive to meditation, journal-ing, or peace…at least in HCMC…I feel like I’m always leaving and readjusting… (May 9/08)

Paula Abdul is soooooooooooo cheesy! (May 8/08)

I am sunburned…goes to show that I’m a tanning novice….ouch! (May 5/08)

There is nothing like a well-rested soul…or calling Canada from my cell on a deserted island! (May 4/08)

Cows run rampant ON THE BEACH???? on Phu Quoc Island! (May 3/08)

AMERICAN IDOL is great. Oooh woah wooo-ah!!!(May 1/08)

I AM VERY SATISFIED/BLESSED on this last day of April 2008. We definitely meet ppl for a reason (God’s plans) and I am v.happy to be friends w/Rebecca Sharpe who’s going back to Australia soon. She will be missed.

STAT FACTS (Apr. 30/08)
So I, for whatever reason, am fascinated to know who actually looks at this blog…surprisingly more ppl than I would ever imagine actually DO! It’s kinda or really random. So once my PK blogmaster added the firestats feature which indicates pages viewed, country, browser, and time of surfing; I totally got hooked to the stats. And they are so fun b/c they pictorial so you see the flag, lil browser icon, and Mac or PC kinda thing.

–the Tokyo post is majorly popular! i dunno why and i dunno who looks at it but i have to say that the few times that i’ve seen a jap flag in my stats, i am thoroughly satisfied. i love that country, their food, the cool ppl, and my friends Nozomi etc. sooooooo fantastical!

–today, ppl from Chad and Thailand and Finland (again, soft spot for this country b/c of Teemu Selanne), and BOUVET ISLAND checked out the blog. I know, where is Bouvet Island…thanks to my flag identifying website, I can actually look up all the flags that I don’t know.

According to Wiki, “Bouvet Island (Norwegian: Bouvetøya, also historically known as Liverpool Island or Lindsay Island) is an uninhabited sub-antarctic volcanic island in the South Atlantic Ocean, south-southwest of the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa). It is a dependent area of Norway and is not subject to the Antarctic Treaty…….Bouvet Island is the most remote island in the world.”

So remote yet two ppl from BI found me somehow!!! Very cool!

And my top five countries for hits in the past month are: (in order, greatest to least) the USA, Netherlands, Canada, Vietnam, and China….Sometimes the Swedes and the Aussies make the list too. So that means that more strangers than my own flesh and blood are checking the blog out…???? I don’t get it! Sometimes the Russians make the cut, and this also makes me v. happy (shouts out to Tetris, figure skating, and hockey heroes!). 🙂