Tried, tested & true

Bonjour mes amis! A cette page, vous trouverez une liste de choses que j’ai essaye a manger ou a faire. Il y a aussi une note sur 10 pour chacune donc commencons!

Hiya anglophones! So if you didn’t even attempt to read the beautiful French msg, shame on you! This page will be another list of things that I’ve tried and liked or not.
Let the adventures begin 🙂

So far, this is just the VIETNAM EDITION.
1. MOTORBIKES w/o helmets = 8.5 when the weather’s good, 6 when you can’t see (I’ve changed my mind, the helmut’s the way to go! SAFETY MATTERS!

2. BLACK CURRANT Pocky sticks = 5.5 barely passing the taste test

3. TAMARIND drink = 4.5 I really like eating the fruit and its taste in soup but I can’t stand the drink. Three sips later and it was down the drain.

4. MOVING TO A FOREIGN COUNTRY and working = 10 +++
This gets 2 (left-handed) thumbs up 🙂

5. MYSTERIOUS STREET FOOD = 9 Even the smallest carte or basket usually contains delicious goodies! So far, the best I’ve had was the tofu dessert in Hanoi and the grape leaf beef wrap sandwich in Saigon.

6. BARGAINING in the market = 7.5 This rates my skill level. I am just not good at this yet, but I will overcome : ) The experience itself is a 10 : )

7. WEAR the DANANGIAN “keep pale” special (gloves, full head scarf, socks and sandals and a floppy hat) = 8 Truly, it’s not that bad b/c it gets the job done. I don’t like the face mask but other than that, I’m down with this : )

8. Jellyfish salad in Vietnam: Wait, it’s just lychee! Unfortunately, they don’t cut their jellyfish into manageable bite-sized pieces here so what you get instead are soft blobs of translucent flesh that are a bit bigger than a mouthful. Not exactly delicious esp. when ur with Aussies who recognize these creatures and will not go for a taste test. = 3/10

9. Going the distance on a one-speed bike = surprisingly doable 7.5/10 esp. if you’re with friends

10. Wear legwarmers and Japanese socks for heels which actually look decent and beat the sweat! = 8/10 for style n comfort 😉


1. See giant sea turtles on Cam Ranh Bay
2. Go diving (but be eco-friendly)
3. Rent a motorbike and proceed to drive it while MK is screaming her head off. DONE – bought a bike and went on a romantic cruise w/dear Marisa. However, she didn’t really scream b/c I was there to protect her!
4. Get married (hahahha, this is just to please all the folks who wanna see me hook up with a VN guy : )
5. Volunteer (getting closer, just need to prioritize)
6. Learn to read and write VNese….speaking and guessing just doesn’t cut it anymore 🙁 Accents matter!


1. SNAKE OR LIZARD LIQUOR — No thank you! BUT saw a video of more adventurous foreigners, one of whom drank the beating cobra heart in vodka!
2. DOG MEAT — Lots of opportunity but I ain’t taking!
3. SMOKING in Vietnam or anywhere else (I’ve had enuf as it is!)
4. RATS in my food, in my room or near me Noooooooooo!