WONDERful weekend

Mission accomplished: I went out with Mr. Hotness on Sunday.

Too many stories and outings that I’m going crazy. I slept just 1 hour yesterday cuz I am way too busy to sleep and no coffee needed, I’m high on life esp. my WONDERful one here!

Let’s make this “brief”:

Sat: I was lonely and drank rum at 10am. Thank God, Dorian (see jokes) was able to cheer me up 🙂

At nite, went to a Western Halloween party and proceeded to get smashed! It was awful….awfully good! I drank like there was no tomorrow but then I ended up needing very masculine Nam had to whisk me away like Romeo did to Juliet. I slept over at my new friend’s house (Mimi = fabulous!). It was another disaster similar to New Year’s 2000 = worst, most humiliating event of my life!

But I met Mimi and she’s trilingual in my (ouais!!!) languages and works for East Meets West Foundation, a VN-US non profit. And Nam is her coworker and potentially mine (?) after my stint w/the uni is done.

Back to the date: I got Mr. Hotness (real name: Quyen) to join me on a mountain adventure. I know one of his coworkers (and all the cute ones anyway) and so they came along w/one of my coworkers to the Marble Mountains. ( I have to find the history on this place, but till then, check the pics.)

It was sooooooooo fun and the place is really adventurous cuz it’s all caves and dark, wet holes filled w/snakes and marble. And near the beach too. I think I did a pretty good job of charming my company so let’s see what happens next. Quyen invited me to visit his hometown, Hue, so let’s see what I can do in this week. Go Cathy!

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