Quick n brief fun in paradise

Good day folks 🙂

As a family obligation, I spent my weekend in Nha Trang. I had to drag my bro down to visit Grams for the first time. So while he stays there and gets acquainted (in Cam Duc Hamlet by the airport actually), I had to scramble back to NT to catch my train back home.

But waiting for the train has never been so fun….I’m working by day poolside with a fast wifi connection and wondering why my regular office couldn’t be so pleasant.

La Louisianereally, i was working!a beachy, writing professionalsunny work office

Nha Trang, where my parents grew up, is, well, magical! It’s a hip n happening beach town with fabulous views, pools, beaches, people, seafood, and internet….all in all, definitely worth a stop while you’re in VN. And I am lucky that my parents are from here so I always have reason to come back.

I usually visit Grams then stay in my fave hotel in the city, the Sun Hotel, in the street perpendicular to the Sailing Club, and spend my mornings blowing bubbles in the clear, blue sea with the early rising fishies and my days eating raw oysters and doing facials or going to the mud baths. Night time is for cruising around on a motorbike or walking along the boardwalk….I don’t know why NT has it all, but it does 🙂

cutie n piggiesfamily cuties

However, this time, I have to work so I’m online editing reports on compassion homes and water towers and writing speeches and cannot go to all my favourite haunts….I’m waiting for Junella:) But it’s still an amazingly pleasant, if somewhat short, escape.

seafood!Nha Trang beach fest

Coincidently, it’s also the time for Festival Bien 2007 and so that means big outdoor concerts and ppl milling around cheering on Vietnamese celebrities…and they’re big! I only know two VNese singers and I’ve seen them both in Nha Trang, par hasard! Yesterday, I attended the nightly affair on until June 15th or so and My Tam, this young and quite beautiful VNese girl who’s also incredibly famous, from Danang of all places, was the final act. It was cool and the dances and music that I can’t understand were great fun. Wait til I post my photos. And the best part of it all is that I just stumbled across this beach party….I came to visit Grams and ended up seeing a swimsuit fashion show and some big time celebs. And this festival only takes place every 2 years so I AM LUCKY!

The other celeb, Quang Dung, and I first laid eyes on each other in December while I was singing BSB on the lovely beaches to my sisters. Quang Dung is quite good-looking and has a good, solid, soothing voice and well, he was sitting on the beach chairs just about a meter away from me and I didn’t recognize him cuz I only have seen him on CD covers….anyway, I did notice a well-dressed guy kinda staring at me and well, that was him. Can you imagine, a real singer having to listen to my hysterical renditions of BSB….I mean I don’t suck but still, kinda embarrassing. How did I find out he was there, my friend, Mimi, texted me to get my attention….I am truly in love with the BSB and don’t stop singing unless I have to…..at least next time I see QD, he may remember me from the beaches of Nha Trang.

YES I AM BLESSED (as we all are). AND I want to share with you….so come here anytime and I guarantee there’s a VN beach hot and waiting for you 🙂

take care 🙂 a bit of paradiseCham Island relaxing

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