Joys of this world

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, tis a sigh of a happy gal.

THANK YOU TO MANY PEEPS and God. I bet you don’t know who you are but I want to thank you. One day, if I find out who you are, I will make a personal shout out.

ENCOURAGEMENT: Why go around and spy with our little eyes? Small things matter. If you like s/thing or use smthg (recipe, blog, appreciate a speech etc.), why don’t you go on and TELL the person who just delivered your moment of “joy” or appreciation? SAY IT. “YO. I LIKE WHAT U JUST DID. TWAS COOLIO.” It only takes a minute (girl!) and you know what, you’re going to bring some degree of “happiness” to that person. We don’t compliment each other enough. I know everyone out there has at least 5-15 uber ppl in their lives…so tell those loved ones today that they rock!

And for the strangers who still influence your life (aka politicians, musicians, photographers, writers, mechanic, coffee barista etc.), please show them also that you appreciate what they bring to the table. The table is full of goodness and I, for one, am waaaaaaaaay thankful.

Glory to God in the highest. I’m praising him for my experiences and opportunities and his guidance during all these years.

Psalm 8:9 Yaweh, our Lord, how great your name throughout the Earth!
Truly, a Psalm a day brings faith and courage eh? (I AM Canadian!)

And I’m thanking you for reading and loving and being who you are.

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