Truth is as truth is

April 2008
Good times keep rolling. I’m heading to Hanoi tomorrow for a women’s retreat sponsored by the Hanoi International Fellowship. I don’t know many of these ladies but I do know that there’ll be plenty of opportunity to bond and eat tasty snacks and compare life experiences. It’s so great to be able to go to this retreat b/c these days, I’m mostly seeking peace and quiet and time to reflect, pray, and write.

Giving thanks for:
–Phu Quoc and time w/my bro –multiple family members
–jellyfish –chance meetings
–beaches –God’s providence
–friendships –delicious eats and foreign grocery stores
–sunshine –toaster oven goodies
–gmail chat, msn etc. –cleaning ladies
–motorbiking –traveling tour books and maps
–Irish blokes’ cheeriness –sand
–squid although ive OD –church services through VN (but gotta shout out to Father Michael :))
–American Idol –YOU 🙂 and so much more but i wanna be brief rite?

oooh and I get to be united w/Amy Spada Michel!!! FRiend from Paris last seen in 2001~! Aiyeeeeeeeee!

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