True tad (dat)!

“Learn from the mistakes of others–you can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” Uh huh, amen, I concur: I think it’s fine to try smthg and fail, and we all do but there’s something to be said about the art of observation.

I imitate often. At work, I style my writing on previous reports and articles to keep the same tone. When I see s/o doing smthg cool or noteworthy, I’m all about trying it myself.

With mistakes though, I’ve seen some big ones and I’ve completed my own whoppers (I could so use some BK right now) and I’ll say that I’d prefer to stay away.

So just think about it…etes-vous d’accord? Selon moi, c’est un autre conseil sage de mon calendrier joyeux = Another gem from my Happy thoughts calendar 🙂

Have a brilliant day. Thanks for reading…why r u reading? Who r u? Love u 🙂 CN: Peacing out like the hiphop badboy she AIN’T.

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