Cathy vs giant spider part II (unfortunate incident)

Why do these kind of things always have to happen to me?

So I’ve been out of town for a couple weeks and when I come back, at night, I see a giant spider (let’s say about 10cm across including leg span with a thick body of about 2.5cm cubed) on my bamboo mat. It’s brown and not too furry like the others…I wonder, how did you get in here??? It’s gotta be the bathroom vent…I have always wanted to put netting over it but of course, I have no idea where to buy such netting in this city!

I hate killing bugs and rarely do. It’s odorless bug spray or a cry for a housemate or elderly landlady (she’s much stronger than me!) for me usually but this time, I had to take it out by myself. Long story short: he scurried out onto the balcony after being sprayed and silently died while I shut the door and pretended that a giant spider had not been crawling all over my room. At least they’re not dirty!

When spiders die, they fold their legs toward their bodies in defeat…it’s quite sad so I decided not to take a pic. (And ahem, tis not the first time, I’ve seen them die….) After he dried out, I put him in the trash. Even folded up, he was pretty big. Poor animals that just should not get in human space…I feel bad but of course, he had to go. I would’ve preferred to catch him in my bucket but he was way too fast. Ugh….c’est triste, tres triste! (=sadness….unfortunately I have forgotten how to write in french w/accents….rusty tis me!)

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