How to winter-ize a tropical wardrobe?

That’s what I was thinking today.

Sometimes I have these “rebellious” thoughts. I just get fed up wearing bland, dark solid colours like they do here in Ottawa (black, grey, brown, more black, dark blue). I just want to burst out the patterns and bright colours like I used to in Vietnam. No one wears black over there and I never/almost rarely did. Then I came here and I was forced into bland practical clothes. They do keep you warm but today was one of those days where I saw a fun dress from my old life with at least five colours in the print. I just wanted to wear it.

So I did. However, I don’t have a matching woolly sweater cardigan with me so I had to improvise on the layers. I decided on a cute jacket to go with it but the jacket is pretty thin. It was supposed to snow today but it didn’t. So I went with the tropical outfit…with a few modifications. I wore my hand gloves (that protected me from the burning sun in VN, black NOT the skin-coloured ones :)) under my gloves to block the wind and off I went. No one could see my fun dress anyways (I wore it on top of jeans and leggings) cuz I buttoned the jacket way up to the neck and put a scarf over it but I was happier in my colourful tropical clothes and I guess that’s what matters 🙂 And that’s the extent of my rebellious ways here in the capital 🙂

Hope you’re having a chipper day wherever you are 🙂

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do rite?

= layers 🙂
-leggings and long underwear
-mini cape over thin sweaters
-long-sleeved tops under sweaters
-leg warmers and long thigh-high socks
-fur-lined boots
-down-filled coats

I was hoping to buy a long underwear dress sheath to wear under my fun summer dresses, but I don’t know if they even exist 🙂

In any case, it’s an enjoyable challenge to adapt tropical ware to the winter 🙂

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