Oh Canada, the land where the ants don’t stand a chance!

Check out my backyard:

no patio parties for now!

no patio parties for now!

It’s been like this for a few months. Snow is better than rain: flakes don’t leave splatter marks on my glasses.

So yesterday I was eating a very gooey, sticky caramel apple (thx Cassie!) and immediately I thought, “By golly gee, this could NEVER happen in Vietnam for two reasons: the caramel would be melting like crazy and the army of a billion+ ants in that country would be all over my wrapper, me, and the apple before I could blink three times!”

Today, I put the sticky wrapper in my garbage pail after leaving it out blissfully all night and NOPE, not an ant in sight! Oh Canada!

the "woods" behind my place

Caveat: please note that Vancouver is NOT at all like this in terms of snow output. BUT ants aren’t usually a problem there either.

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