Dream your dream (YES, HOPE!)

Well, it’s been a whirlwind year and it’s not even over. As I brush my teeth at noon on this day and scrub my face with the most perfect LUSH toner, I start to think of dreams cuz I’m listening to Susan Boyle and well, her dream came true starting at age 48.


Love work travel moving quitting proposing being a mom adopting learning another language sport or skill becoming a house/car owner enjoying life experiencing love and freedom and PEACE….

I’ll just take a lil example from my recent summer. BTW I have dreamed of my master’s degree since 2003 but I know I’m a slow gal….the program I ended up going to didn’t even exist back when I was in undergrad! 🙂

I love Japan. I speak French; have a good ear for language. I am the offspring of a young refugee couple who ended up on a rugged island of wilderness (Vancouver Island) that is A LOT quieter than anywhere in Asia EVER WAS… They adapted and SUCCEEDED in many things. Compassion is in my blood for those who suffer and I yearn for a better life for all but especially for migrants. My parents are essential to my interests in life.

CUE: master’s final research project! FOCUS: international migration policy in Japan and zooming on the plight of Japanese Brazilians and their ethnic “return” to Japan. Basically nikkeijin are the descendents of Japanese emigrants living abroad and A LOT of them are in South America, mostly in Brazil.

Examples of dreamers and their anthems:

This last song reminds me of when I was cool-er….it’s a hip band from England from the indie Britpop days…But I digress.

BACK to dreaming…my final project was a labour of love. I went to Japanese class and had an amazing tutor. It combined my linguistic and travel tendencies and I got to meet up with old pals I met in Danang who became essential to my project. Through professor networks, I fell into the most incredible situations to learn about Japanese Brazilians and their lives in Japan. I HAD TO EAT A LOT OF BBQ AND CHEESE BUNS: it’s all for the sake of the research! I had two great paying and cool fun jobs that enabled me to fund this trip, and I also received support from my school :)))))) I visited Toyota city and one of their uber modern car plants and saw robots and shiny cars and mind-boggling talent and technology up close (again, this is research!) 🙂 Never in my life did I think I would be combining many of my loves (but not stats this time!) into an academic project that included sushi and Kyoto to boot! I went to a Japanese class for Brazilians conducted with Portuguese! And went to another one for Peruvian students in grade six and well, my Japanese was not up to snuff! 😛 I met English-speakers when I was discouraged and heard uplifting stories about nikkeijin getting scholarships to university.

Dreams are satisfying when you see them become a part of your life. So do not give up!!!! EVER!!!!! Things take time. Our hearts and dreams change but some things are planted in us and grow throughout our lives…these are the areas where we should operate.

Everyone had God-given talent.
Everyone has dreams.

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