Japanese food indulgence

When in Japan, one wants to eat just about everything. You may know about the vending machines for delicious drinks, ciggies, veggies and the restos where you order by machine b4 sitting down.

Wasabi root

selling green tea

Here’s just a glimpse of the food from my recent trip. Honestly I could’ve taken pics of EVERY meal b/c the presentation was just so drool-inspiring BUT I gotta have some control! From fresh tofu at 7/11 to the cheapy udon chain, my tastebuds were lovin’ it!

Sashimi at my hotel near Mikawa Stn., Toyota

Raman outside of Tsukiji market-o

the crowds for famous ramen

Just a word about street ramen: find it! I especially love bamboo in mine so that was what I was gunning for even though I had just had the best sushi of my life (no pic b/c I was too busy savouring every rice grain and let me tell you, the first bite of the pickled ginger already indicated that it was going to be THAT GOOD…and it was. All sushi lovers must eat at the Tsukiji market!!!!!)

sizzling hamburger on a cow plate!

udon with all sorts of toppings!

sleepy guy at morning udon shop

Other highlights include Nagoya unagi = eel which I prefer to Hamamatsu style (heavier) and all the grilled skewered meats that you can find almost anywhere. Also, eating out with Nozomi san is always amazing as she takes me to all the cute, local haunts. This time: famous yakitori at Yotsuya and a really adorable lunch out with her friends!

THE END POINT: eat in Japan, well, go there and do this!!!!

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