Part II synopsis summer travels

Verbal vomit continues: (pt ! below)

Immigration issues in Sweden: yes they have the social services but what about the integration…they get high scores and dude, refugees get paid to learn Swedish!!! kinda nutz kinda cool kinda not happening elsewhere so comparatively Sweden looking fine once you look at Norway or Denmark…immigration makes you think of borders and protectionism and racism dare I say it?! You decide what you think but lemme tell u: makes for a great class and learning experience and btw Malmo only has the BEST PLAYGROUND (challenging design means no fat kids!) in the universe…I’ll get photos for you soon!

Tourists in Stockholm: MANY!!! It’s kinda far but kinda crowded and hot so much so that your hands turn brown quickly! I tan here more than in Asia!!!!!! I met a cool Costa Rican who lives in Bonn, Germany working on fair trade stuff…yumm! My roomie in the expensive hostel (ahem oh yeah SWEDEN PRICEY so good thing I got funds from school–thx guys!) was JAPANESE FROM TOKYO! If you know me, you know I tried to practise my lingo on him. He was the surfer dude type–very fit and fake tanned! PPL dress well here…not me really (one can’t really go out in sweatpants) but the main impression is that it’s a chic clean kinda place with hot-tish ppl doing poses from magazines. FOOD can be good but I was not compelled to take pics of food like I totally do EVERYWHERE in Japan…so maybe that means it’s a 7.5/10. BUT incorporate the price and well you mite die. I ate at restaurants maybe 5 times and I spend like $30–$50 each time and felt UBER BROKE cuz I wasn’t even drinking and OUCH student pain!!!!!!! Salad and a beer in Copenhagen’s student pubs cost me $30! Ahem? NOT AMEN yeah, that’s what I said!!!! It had shrimp.

By the end of 3 weeks, I was ready to go. Fun, clean, picturesque BUT didn’t float my boat that much…I felt that I just wasn’t a European chick. A bit sterile. PPL don’t look you in the eye. I wouldn’t want to live there (integration didn’t seem natural) but my friend from Ethiopia felt like he could. OH YEAH I”M TOO SHORT. I sometimes had to tippy toe to see my face in the mirror–so sad!

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