Courtesy of just one friend…

Hi. My social life does not span wide here in Geneva. But it’s still freaking awesome and wayyyy more abundant that I ever imagined.

Apart from my amazingly fabulous roommates, who is there in my life?

Well, I met three fun peeps at a soup kitchen. Then there’s work. And the lovely Brazilian boutique owner.

So that makes it TRES PEU DE GENS that I have met on my own. But they are really fantastic and have been so generous with their time and lives that I am ever so thankful & happy to know them.

So b/c one of them has lived here about two years now, he has his s*** together (for lack of a better term, really)…what could I say instead? … uh…okay, he really knows what he’s doing OR he’s quite familiar with the city…but you know what I mean 🙂

This means that us newbies have kinda–like totally–lucked out in meeting him b/c he helps us with MANY MANY things!

1. If you’re lost, who do you call? NOT the Ghostbusters in this case! But he helped us locate a museum via cellphone after we lost the map he gave us the night b4! Whoops 🙁

2. He makes fondue diligently–on his own kit–while the others are trying to figure out where the wine opener is.

3. He has a deep fryer but fills it with water to cook in the sous vide method…If you find that interesting, you’ll have to look that up yourself dear friends, but it’s definitely healthier than using oil and uber delish too.

4. This guy is the king of maps and knowing what to do around town. To show him that we weren’t sooooo incompetent, my friend sent around an invite to her place with a Google map attached and I even plotted several stores that sell my fave brand of eyewear (SWISSFLEX) b/c he’s looking for some new glasses–you know, just to prove we could!

5. He’s sent me info on two fashion events around town that you know I wouldn’t have found on my own. He’s a dude but an extremely thoughtful one who even thinks to shoot his friends emails on clothes when he’s so not interested. And he found a bar right beside the fashion show venue so we could drop by for a drink with him beforehand.

6. He is responsible. I guess this is part of the package but he’s always looking out for his friends and making sure that we’re having a good time. He even gets a lil upset on our behalf when things don’t go exactly according to schedule. Now usually, I know what I’m doing. But with this friend around, I can afford to be a little know that website “Ask Jeeves” ? Well, that’s kinda how we feel about this one 🙂 BUT it’s important also, to make sure you’re not taking advantage of s/o non? Otherwise he’s not gonna be our friend for long! LOL–I’ve made cake and I’ll continue to give more bribes I guess 🙂

And the best part is: our lil band of friends is working out 🙂 We hang out loads and have dinner parties and good conversations that run the gamut of topics b/c we are all in different fields. I’ve only known these people for six weeks or so, but we are comfortable with each other….b/c we just get along like that. Once, at the guys’ place, I was feeling ill/whoosy, and I just had to lie down and sleep it off for a few minutes…Now I would NEVER do this at s/o’s house if I wasn’t good friends with them but it happened… So what a find and blessing these friends are, right?

Now I should probably ask them before I reveal their identities so for now, they’re nameless but great nonetheless.

Who are your precious friends? This is one area where I am so fulfilled–worldwide. I just love my friends 🙂

End result: a very happy Cathy 🙂

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