The “almost” completed cooked alphabet project

I do not like to quit things. This can be an annoying trait, especially when it concerns silly things. I have been known to stay up too late to finish small details of a project when I should be sleeping. So last year, I started a project where I wanted to cook foods for all the letters of the alphabet during one month while I was waiting for a job contract to be finalized….

I got close: I cooked up to W but failed to blog all the entries here. So now I’m doing some blog housekeeping before I move on to recounting my Swiss steps since last April 😛

In short, I cooked:

A = Aranchini = deep fried Italian leftover risotto balls
B = Bibinbap = Korean fried rice, don’t forget the fried egg on top which makes the dish
C = (Indian) curry, taught to me by my awesome friend KC from Calgary
D = deviled eggs, a simple fave I had never made before
E = endives aux fromages/sauce Bechemel, endives are plentiful in Europe!
F = fajitas, fries & fennel salad, a weird mix that worked 🙂
NOTE: Pics for the above and deets of the project where chronicled on this blog previously.

G = gnocchi al gorgonzola (notice DBL Gs!) = potato pasta made by hand with blue cheese sauce mmmm
H = honeyed hot wings, stretching a lil on the naming convention 😉

I = man, I forget!
J = ditto, braindead 🙁
K = Korean kimchi = their pickled cabbage, quite a process but I love my mom’s version so I went for it
L = liver and friend onions
M = minestrone soup
N = roasted assorted nuts (again stretching it but N is hard!)
O = orzo salad (Greek pasta salad inspired by Barefoot Contessa chef Ina Garten)
P = hmmm oh yeah, PICKLED red cabbage
Q = ??? I can’t even think of Q dishes at the moment….
R = roasted veg, eaten with the orzo
S = strawberry tarte with my fave 3 lil kiddies!
T = I think I cheated and counted TARTE for this one
U = ummmm? I think it was something wiht UDON, a chubby Japanese noodle 😛
V = very good things probably but slips my mind
W = all that comes to mind is watermelon but obv that isn’t a cooked food


And then there was the wishlist that who knows when I’ll ever get to:
X = Xavier soup, a real thing that I looked up b.c I knew this one would be hard and I have a friend who has Xavier as his last name too
Y = Yorkshire puddings, totally want to make these one day…..
Z = zero zippo diaster…no idea what I’d do here

So that was my “almost” finished list and I guess really it’s kinda a failure but I am happier that I could at least summarize most of the project here….

Project final grade: 7.5 for completeness, 10 for fun and time wasting, 7.5 for keeping to budget cuz some of these things were pricey and you know what, I would even do this again if I had the time!

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