Stranger in OWN hometown: Crystal Mall @Metrotown, Burnaby, BC

Ummmm so I’ve been to the Burnaby Public Library, Metrotown Branch like 100 times in my past life as a student while living in these parts.

BUT did I ever make time to go the the Chinese mall just beside it? NO (what a GEEK argh! But it’s true.)

2015-01-30 13.30.15

Plain outside yet CRAZY SHINY lit up NEON n gold blingin’ insides!

FLASH fast-forward 10 years and while strolling and having fun with my good ol’ CGA pals (LOVE PK N Cartermanns!), I’m like ummmm I have time so let’s just go to the mall.

Then I realize, I’ve never even been inside…is that even possible? BUT YUP TIS TRUE.

But you know, now I work in migration and appreciate diaspora like never before. And I have been away from my ‘Chinese’ roots of Vancouver for like WAY too long and I have been living en suisse which is soooooooooooo UN-ASIAN! So call me, Chinese-deprived b/c I really miss this stuff.


And they let me taste some goodies: dried purple yams (my dad’s gonna love these), HAW flakes, cannot explain, do not know what they are!, sweet n sour dried strawberries for my fave baby TWINS! <3 It's was like re-visiting my childhood and it felt pretty darn good! DEF VISIT!

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