Cycling on the weekend

Howdy folks!

Ca va? Moi, oui! This weekend was jam packed! Friday night I watched “Friends w/Money” and then went to a piano bar where anyone could sing. In Vietnam, it’s like non-stop Karaoke except most ppl sound good. Then had “chao” which is congee and it was pretty sweet. Met some young 20-smthgs.

Oh did I mention that I cut work early so I could go to a wedding? That’s right, 3 weeks later and I’ve been to 2 weddings and no, I didn’t know the couple in either of them! This time, my landlord asked me to go to her daughter’s wedding and the food was incredible (yummy crab soup, deep fried shrimp, an awesome beef stew w/baguette) but I got stuck with orange pop again and now I can say I HATE THAT STUFF!

Saturday: chilled in bed till I got a knock on the door from my (unexpected colleague) who came to go USB shopping w/me. I got a 1Gig USB for $26USD! Good stuff!

Then market shopping, stocking up on yogurt, milk and drinks (Tamarind drink ain’t pretty = gross).

Finally swimming and drinking Biere La Rue w/another colleague while having shellfish and squid that made my tongue all inky!

Sunday: so jam packed all by myself
-went for a run, shower #1
-cycled out of the city pass the water park into streets that were off the Danangian map
-had coffee at a small place, used their washroom and saw two cuddly faces:

my precious!

So how fun is that? After coffee, Danang is a place you can see cute piggies out back.

-then biked to the beach where I had fresh garlic steamed shrimp w/lime, pepper and hot sauce
-headed home to shower #2, just took 30 mins of lazy pedaling
-went to church outdoors cuz it was so crowded (at Church’s chicken — see joke section)
-ate awesome beef (bo la lot) wraps
-saw “The Break Up” It was a Jennifer Aniston weekend
-went home to sleep peacefully til the LOUD RAIN caused me to put in my earplugs

  1. I think I could make a face like that but that would just be embarassing myself… or making a comparison with a relative.. ha ha. I am born in the year of the pig, after all 🙂