Movies: continued

Mann, on my street, there’s two movie theatres and so I mentioned that on the weekend, I went to see “The Break Up” and seriously, Vince Vaughn ain’t cute…

Anyway, the seats are double seaters which makes it extra nice when you’re with someone special. It’s even nicer when you’re alone so you can cross your legs and stretch out…However, what if you go to the movies with a friend? For girls it’s okay but I can’t imagine two guys who want to occupy a dbl seater together. Am I wrong? There’s also no popcorn but they do have other snacks.

About the language, the movies are dubbed into Vietnamese but by concentrating hard, I was able to zero in on the English which was still audible and tune out the Vietnamese. You should try it sometime, but then you have to visit first : ) Oh and the price is 20 000 VND = $1.35 Can!!! I guess that makes it worth it : )

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