And a gecko crawled out of my…

garbage can! It was only 5cm long but it freaked me out b/c I’m just not used to seeing geckos in my house!!!! Yikes but today, I don’t see it anymore. I’ll have to get a picture for you b/c they are really quite cute.

Here’s my family legend (actually it’s a true story): at my gramma’s house, there’s usually lots of geckos crawling up the walls, but there weren’t when my American cousins came to visit. Apparently, one of them has asthma and geckos are supposedly a great cure so they would shoot them down with rubber bands and my aunt would crisp ’em up like gecko flavoured chips…Yum! And who said Americans like junk food? Does this confirm the fact?

Anyway, the traditional way to eat geckos (according to VNese neighbours) is to hold them up to your mouth and pinch their tail. This causes it to break off and then they run down your throat into to bubbly acidwash waiting for them. Which way would you prefer?

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