The wall of death

Oh man, yesterday I killed a medium sized cockroach in my apartment and left its nasty smashed body parts up on the wall, in hopes that the cleaning staff would remove it (mean, I know). Then a couple hours later, I returned home only to see a massive group of black ants hovering round the cockroach. It was Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo disgusting (akin to Lily’s rat story) and so I had to kill all the creepy crawlies although I usually let them be. But I had a party to go to so I had to get changed and go. This morning, I was so tired so when I got up, the last thing I wanted to see was this wall of death which is so nasty (imagine a large insect mess with ant polka dots splattered around). I have to clean it up tonight, but alas, I have a shopping date. It will nonetheless be done. EW!

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